Commune is a popular magazine for a new era of revolution. The old political orientations are dead: the center cannot hold. While others offer social democratic fantasy from a past that cannot return, we bring you instead the future, a magazine of politics and culture that knows what so many already intuitively recognize: capitalism can’t be made more tolerable, couldn’t be saved even if we wanted to, and won’t be voted away. We take our inspiration from the movements of our time, publishing writing that reflects and clarifies the creative intelligence at work within them. The answers are in the streets.

Our print magazine is published four times per year. It can be found wherever enemies of the current order gather.


     Shyam P. Khanna

Managing Editor

     Jasper Bernes

Associate Editor

     Chloe Watlington

Creative Director

     Addie Tinnell

Reviews Editor

     Joshua Clover

Contributing Editors

     Brigitte Johnson

     Juliana Spahr

Contributing Creative Director

     Jonathan Costello

Website Designer

   Michael Appuhn

Graphic Designer

     Tom Fosse