Kolektif Anakawona

Kolektif Anakawona is Guerchang Bastia, Nixon Boumba, Sabine Lamour, Mamyrah Prosper. Anakawona was the cacique of Xaragua, territory that makes up the southern half of modern-day Haiti (and southeast Dominican Republic). She (and the other caciques) resisted to death the invasion of European powers. Note that African leaders after the Revolution named the “first Black republic” after one of the Indigenous appellations of the island, Haiti.

Mamyrah Prosper is a visiting fellow with the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics at the Graduate Center, City University of New York and the International Coordinator of Community Movement Builders.

Sabine Lamour is the national coordinator of feminist socialist organization Solidarite Fanm Ayisyèn (Haitian Women in Solidarity) and a lecturer in sociology at the Université d’Etat d’Haiti.

Nixon Boumba is a founding member of Mouvement Démocratique Populaire (Democratic Popular Movement, MODEP). He works as a capacity-builder for the anti-mining, land rights movements, and LGBTI movements.

Guerchang Bastia is a member of Sèk Gramsci (Gramsci’s Circle), Asosyasyon Inivèsitè ak Inivèsitèz Desalinyè (Association of Dessalinian Academics) at the Université d’Etat d’Haiti, and the socialist party Rasin Kan Pèp La.